Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Commercial Sewage Cleanup in Chesapeake

A clogged sewage pipe flooded over 2000 square feet in this commercial strip mall. Quick action was necessary to prevent other businesses from being affected b... READ MORE

Church Classroom Fire

A local church's classroom heater caused an electrical fire over night burning most of the room and it's contents. After the fire trucks leave, the property not... READ MORE

Warehouse Water Damage

When a water emergency strikes a large facility, a quick response to call your local SERVPRO of Chesapeake South means we'll be there fast with the help you nee... READ MORE

Cleaning Dirty Commercial Ventilation System in Chesapeake

A commercial manager called us because tenants starting complaining about an unpleasant odor when they entered their building. The before photo is evident tha... READ MORE

Flooded Office Building in Chesapeake

This flooded office building in Norfolk was caused by a bathroom water pipe that had burst over a weekend and over 7000 sq. ft. of office space was damaged by t... READ MORE

Microbial Growth in a Vertical Return Duct

This return duct insulation in a commercial building was full of mold. The tenants were complaining of a "musty" smell throughout the building. We removed the ... READ MORE